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About You

We cannot talk about us without talking about You!
The reason for Godacious is because we know that you are starving to get behind something. Not just anything but something that is big, bigger than your mind can ever comprehend. Are we close? Thought so. Well, what's stopping you? Are you afraid about what others may think? Being judged? Or maybe you're afraid of the possibilities of greatness? Regardless of the reason, it's time to stop hiding and GET BOLD! Godacious is about being intentional and bold for the kingdom of God. It's very easy to sit back and be part of this world, but being Godacious takes work, and the road is not easy, BUT the reward is beyond your imagination. Now that we are on the same page; there are two more things:

1. WEAR YOUR FAITH! We are all walking billboards and what better way to express your godaciousness than in your apparel. We promise to make Premium Quality, Fun, Trendy, and extremely AWESOME clothing. If we break this promise to you, then we ask that you challenge us to get better!
2. SPREAD THE WORD (#Godacious)! You are partaking in a movement and why leave a friend or family member out? That's not nice. Share pics, post, do whatever you need to do to let the world know that you are Godacious!
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About the Brand

Godacious is a premier christian urban & street wear clothing company.
It is our goal to provide PREMIUM QUALITY that allows for one to be bold and intentional as they express their faith. Christianity is serious, but it's also fun, fresh, and exciting. It is our intent to make deliver on all of these. Each design is crafted with a purpose in mind of ensuring that it represents one who is Godacious. Proverbs 28:1 does a great job in describing one who is Godacious, ``...but the righteous are bold as a lion``.
It is our prayer that our clothes will be a blessing to you and everyone that you come in contact with.

God Bless,
Team Godacious

About the Founder

``The Lord gave me a vision, and now it's time I do something with it.``
My church had asked all of the men to go out and evangelize, and it was extremely difficult. I often said to myself that I'm better behind the scenes evangelizing to others via the multimedia presence I provided to the church. Although that may have been true, I realized that to keep growing in the Lord I needed to win souls. I thought about why it was hard for me to evangelize and it came down to insecurities. I was compelled by the shootings in Oregon. Think about it, these people declared their faith and died because of it. At that moment I realized, I'm going to be as bold and intentional for God as I can be. No more apologizing to anyone about my thoughts and beliefs. What better way than to walk around letting everyone know who I am and what I stand for, than wearing it. The Lord provided the vision at that moment, and it's my intent to carry it out. I have something to say, and I want to the world to hear it. As there is so much darkness Godacious clothing via Christ will bring the light needed to shine in those areas of darkness.